Wisconsin Chapter

About the Chapter

Chapter Goals

The mission of the Wisconsin Chapter is to bring a unified purpose or common voice to services that help families in need of supervised parenting time. The Wisconsin Chapter will offer networking opportunities, assist new programs, provide education and encourage providers to offer services that are based on evolving best practices.


Members in the Wisconsin Chapter of the SVN will strive to fulfill the following objectives: • Organize training events for Wisconsin visitation service providers promoting stronger skills and increased knowledge • Share evolving best practices in visitation services through providing opportunities for information sharing among chapter members • Assist new programs in developing quality services in alignment with SVN standards • Educate public and private decision makers in the importance of financial stability for visitation services in order to keep Wisconsin families safe • Assist and support collaborative partners and the families served in promoting safe, healthy relationships

What's Going On

Phone Training; 12:00 pm-1:30 pm

•Wednesday, June 8th: Drugs and Alcohol; Working with clients and AODA issues and Law

Phone number 1-888-327-8914

Passcode 6899486#

•August 10th: Understanding Custody Terms and Court Systems

Next meeting

Conference Call
June 7, 2016
1:00pm - 3:00pm

414-337-4717 or toll free 855-263-0251 followed by 74717

Some more news

Election Results from September 1, 2015

Chair: Sandy Stetzer
Co- Chair: Renee Schulz-Stangl
Secretary: Jessica Jinsky
Treasurer: Tami Walls

May: Supervised Visitation Awareness Month!!
September: Supervised Visitation Training