SVN Visit Manager Database

Introductory Price $99/year (After member discount)

Announcing a brand new tool for Supervised Visitation providers, the SVN "Visit Manager" database program, available to SVN members for only $99 per year. This easy to use program is integrated with your SVN member account and provides tools for scheduling and tracking clients and appointments.

There is no software to download and the only requirement is that you are connected to the Internet. All data is safely stored at an enterprise class data center with enterprise redundancy and security. There are multiple servers and backup systems, so your data is safe. Most users will be able to use immediately without training, but SVN staff is available, if needed, for technical support while you implement the database.

If you need a more robust database solution, Net Results of Jacksonville, the company that developed the SVN website and database functions, offers a comprehensive database that can be tailored to your program and potentially eliminate most paper work and reduce staff hours. More info is available HERE Please note: This database is sold and supported entirely by Net Results, not SVN.

The SVN database can be purchased HERE

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Here is a summary of many of the features of this database:

When you open the program, a Calendar function shows all upcoming appointments

This is your dashboard that will take you to any area of the database and also alert you to which visits or exchanges are pending (yellow) and those that have been confirmed by both parties (green)

Case specific information can be entered for each family

Providers can choose the level of demographic detail they record for each family, the categories are modeled after the Federal Access and Visitation grant program.

You can also add case notes for each family

Please note that we are unable to customize the database for individual users, but we will welcome feedback from members and plan on enhancing the database periodically for all users.

There is also the option to upload documents for each case

No need to dig through cumbersome files anymore, the important documents you need are a keypad stroke away, safely secured on secure servers.

Setting up appointments is easy:

Once the appointment is confirmed, you can track fee information and enter notes specific to the appointment:

You can view the history for each family and track payments owed

There are several reports you can generate

You can specify information, including any date range, for each report:

The Case Report will list all cases for the specified period and you can also import into Microsoft Excel

The Appointments Report will give a snapshot view of all appointments for the specified period and you can also import into Microsoft Excel

The Access and Visitations Report will produce a report that may be helpful to those receiving the Federal Access and Visitations grant

This report automatically imports into Microsoft Excel. The full report is not shown, and this feature of the SVN Visit Manager will function best on Internet Explorer

The database can be purchased HERE

Want to become a member of SVN and take advantage of this database? Join HERE

Before using the SVN "Visit Manager" database, members must verify that they understand the implications of entering confidential information into this database. If at anytime you decide you do not want to use this database we will provide the data back to you, in a very basic raw format. If you enter client names and other confidential information, you do so at your own risk. You agree in using this database that SVN is not responsible for any damages, claims, or losses resulting from your usage of this database. You should consult local statutes, ordinances, and funding requirements that relate to your program before using any online database. The data is stored on highly protected servers located in the States of Florida and Georgia with multiple backups. This database will not be customized to any individual program, but will updated periodically based on input from members using the program and to correct any issues with the program. You agree to be fully responsible for (and fully indemnify us against) all claims, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, suffered by us arising out of any liabilities arising out of your use of the database, or the use by any other person accessing the database using your PC or internet access account.