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Standards compliance as a condition of membership

SVN members must certify that they support SVN Standards for Supervised Visitation Practice and the Code of Ethics, and if providing services intend to strive to comply with these standards. The standards can be found this site. Before registering for membership, please read the standards and certify below your support and/or intent to be in compliance. In case of an organizational membership, this must be signed by an authorized representative of the organization.

I hereby certify that I support the SVN Standards for Supervised Visitation Practice and when involved in providing services it is my intent and the intent of the organization (where applicable) that I represent to strive to comply with them except where the standards conflict with applicable law and/or other local, state or national standards or requirements.

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Type of membership:

Individual-designed for individual providers, or individuals with a special interest in the field of supervised visitation. No Business names are listed and the membership is not transferable ($150/year)
Agency-designed for organizations and allows up to three designated contacts per agency, which may be changed/transferred to new staff members. Also designed for those wanting to have a full Business Name posted in the directory. ($225/year)
Premium Agency-designed for larger organizations and allows up to 10 contacts to have access to all member benefits, discounts and trainings. Premium memberships also include listing your program in up to 5 States.($300/year)

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Observational supervision   Mediation   Referral information   Parent education
Child and family therapy   Off-site supervision   Supported supervision   Phone monitoring
Reunification services   Groups for children   Exchange monitoring   Therapeutic supervision
Groups for parents   On-site supervision   Evaluations   Case Management

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Client fees   Donations   Fundraising events   OVW
Access/visitation grants   Private grants   Government contracts

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