Networking Groups

At the 25th Anniversary Annual Conference in San Diego in 2016, the SVN Board of Directors met with an associations consultant to explore new ways to engage the membership and increase opportunities to network. Apparently, membership organizations across all fields of practice and interest have been struggling to create and energize state and/or provincial chapters. Apparently the typical protocols and procedures required of chapters have reduced involvement and organizations are looking for ways reduce structure to allow members to associate when and how they need and want to do so.

Although SVN has some successful chapters, the truth is, that as of today, 80 percent of the membership does not have the opportunity to join a chapter. For these reasons the Board has voted to roll out the Networking Group concept, in essence, the "Chapter of the Future" The Networking Group concept will reduce the barriers to networking by offering a simple, "red-tape free" process for members to quickly form groups in their immediate area, city, state, province, or along specific areas of interest (Communities of Interest).

Communities of Interest

While Networking Groups will form within manageable geographic areas, “Communities of Interest” can form based on any shared interest or topic and can include members from anywhere within the SVN Membership. Examples could include Private Providers, Therapeutic Providers, etc.

Getting Started

Networking groups and Communities of Interest can form without bylaws, officers, elections, committees, Robert's Rules of Order, or a bank account. Networking groups will provide a quick and easy way for members to network, learn and grow with others in their area. Networking groups will also have their own dedicated private forum to ask and answer questions from fellow members. Networking groups can meet as often or as seldom as desired, or as needed. They can meet in person or utilize conference calling and screen sharing technologies with the assistance of the home office. Networking Groups will also have a private, secure discussion group for the members exclusive to that group.

Networking groups based on a geographic area will NOT collect dues, but in the future will be able to apply for some financial support from the home office to support certain activities.

To start a new networking group or Community of Interest, fill out this application: Networking Group Application

Please review the Networking Group Rules of Engagement HERE