Becoming a Supervised Visitation Professional

A career providing supervised visitation can be a rewarding experience, helping non custodial parents stay connected with their children while the issues that led the lost custody are resolved. It is not without challenges and frustrations, however, and anyone considering this career should carefully consider the enormous personal commitment and investment that is required to insure the services offered are safe. Supervised Visitation is NOT glorified babysitting and most of the families being served have complicated histories which often include abuse, neglect and domestic violence. 

Before you Begin....

What is the current situation regarding supervised visitation in your community?
  • Which Courts are ordering supervised visitation?
  • How many providers are there currently?
  • Do the courts have specific guidelines for providers?
  • What are the demographics of those who need SV
  • Can they afford to pay for services
  • Does your State have any legislation governing providers?

Types of Providers

Depending on your State or Province there can be several types of providers 
  • Child Welfare Organizations
  • Non Profit Organizations with onsite visitation
  • For Profit Organizations with Professional Staff
  • Volunteer Organizations with Unpaid Staff
  • Individual Private Providers doing off-site or community visits

Do I need a License?

The short answer is NO

The long answer is also NO

There is no license available to be a supervised visitation provider in any State. There is also NO certification either as Supervised Visitation Providers operate mostly without any oversight.

Providers who join the Supervised Visitation Network pledge to follow the SVN minimum Standards of Practice and to follow the SVN Code of Ethics which is a way for providers to demonstrate a commitment to best practices in the absence of formal governance of providers

Providers who join SVN also gain access to numerous educational and networking benefits.

Providers can earn a credential by attending an SVN Certificate Training Program.  These are offered virtually and in person.  Get more information HERE.