Training Manuals

SVN Training Manual
The SVN training manual costs $139 and includes the first 15 completed modules; working with law enforcement, intake, domestic violence, understanding the SVN code of ethics, intervention in supervised visitation, documentation modules I and II, child welfare modules I and II, parents with special needs, child development, grief and loss, off-site visitation, working with the courts, and the all-new Supervised Exchange module.



  • 15 updated PowerPoint presentations representing each written module
  • Sample forms
  • Resource articles on policy development and more

Also included with all new purchases is a free module on "Training Adult Learners"

Additional modules will be made available at an affordable price as they are published. As with the Standards, the training modules are designed to give evidence to the broad range of member practices. We strive to ensure the training modules reflect and accommodate the depth and breadth of regional practices. Moreover, the training modules must meet the SVN Standards, so they are designed to be flexible enough to allow each program to develop and implement programs that meet and reflect community needs and standards.

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 Nurturing Parenting Skills for Families in Supervised Visitation

Nurturing Parenting Skills for Families in Supervised Visitation is an innovative program designed to empower parents and parent educators in creating customized, competency-based parenting programs to meet the specific needs of families. It consists of 45 lessons, each lasting approximately 30 minutes that are intended to either precede a supervised visitation or be incorporated into the visit. The lessons are taken from the evidenced-based Nurturing Parenting Programs for Parents and Their Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers, and Parents and Their School Age Children. Based on the assessed needs of the family, parents, and parent educators work together and select competency-based lessons from the curriculum to form a parenting/visitation program that is customized to meet the specific needs of the families.

 The curriculum costs $139 and includes a USB drive with handouts and resources. Users have permission to reprint materials as needed for parents taking the program.

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