The Board of Directors shall consist of no less than thirteen (13) and no more than thirty (21) Directors. The exact number of Directors at any given time shall be voted by the Board of Directors. 

There are 6 elected vacancies to fill in the 2024 Election. The vacancies may be filled from any region. There are 4 current Board Members running for re-election

Election Procedures

Elections take place electronically at least 30 days in advance of the AGM and will conclude at 9:00 AM on the day of the Annual General Meeting under the direction of the Nominating and Governance Committee. Members may vote for any of the candidates. Individual members are entitled to one vote, Organization members may have up top three contacts vote, and Premium members may have up to 10 contacts vote.

Continuing Elected Board Members:

Shelia Morris, North Dakota (2026)

Emilyn Haugen, Minnesota (2025)

Howard Yaffe (2025)

Samantha Alvarez, New York (2026)

Kate Blair, Georgia (2026)

Dana Cahn, Florida (2026)

Shannon Sickler, Wyoming (2026)



Board Member Candidates

SVN Members, Vote HERE


Requirements for Nomination

All candidates for Director meet the following qualifications:

  1. Must be a current member of SVN and have been a member for at least two years.
  2. Must have had at least a year of direct experience in providing supervised visitation services or in administration of a supervised visitation program.
  3. Must agree to the Expectations and Responsibilities of Members of the Board of Directors which each elected Board member signs.
  4. Agree to follow and support the SVN Standards, Guidelines, and Code of Ethics and Agree they may be removed from office after three (3) missed meetings. 
  5. Only Self Nominations are allowed

Board Responsibilities

Board Job Description

Contact Howard Yaffe at [email protected] if you have questions