SVN Training

SVN offers different types of training opportunities:

  • 24-Hour Certificate Training: This program will specifically meet the 24 hours of training required of SVN members as detailed in the SVN standards HERE.  A formal certificate program is a form of credentialing, but it is not certification. For more information about the history of the certificate, and training go HERE.
  • Administrative Certificate Training: This program will specifically meet the 16 hours of training required of program leadership as detailed in the SVN standards HERE. A formal certificate program is a form of credentialing, but it is not certification. 
  • Nurturing Parenting Skills for Families in Supervised Visitation- is an innovative program designed to empower parents and parent educators in creating customized, competency-based parenting programs to meet the specific needs of families in supervised visitation. It consists of 45 lessons, each lasting approximately 30 minutes that are intended to either precede a supervised visitation or be incorporated into the visit.
  • Online Training: Our Key Concepts Training is an 8-Hour, train-at-your-pace, program covering the fundamental concepts of Supervised Visitation.  Learn more HERE
  • The 2022 SVN Annual Conference Plenary Session and Workshops can be purchased for $169 HERE

All upcoming training is listed here: 


Virtual 24-Hour Certificate Training: 
April 11-13, 2023

Location: Virtual Classroom 
LIMITED Enrollment to ensure Engagement Review the technology Requirements HERE  


This program will specifically meet the 24 hours of training required of SVN Providers as detailed in the SVN Standards HERE. Attendance at all sessions is required and participants must score at least 80% on the exam to earn the certificate. 


April 11: 11:00 AM- 4PM EST
April 12: 11:00 AM- 4PM EST
April 13: 11:00 AM- 4 PM EST
*Please be advised, all times are listed in EASTERN time--be sure to ADJUST times to your time zone* 

$425 for SVN Members
$550 for Non-Members

Register HERE 

3 Day Nurturing Parenting Skills 

for Families in SV  Facilitator Training

May 9-11, 2023
In Person and Online Virtual Class
Tuesday 10AM-4PM EST
Wednesday  10AM-4PM EST
Thursday 10AM-4PM EST

Location:  Minneapolis, MN

Rooms at the Hyatt Place will be available for $134/night

Reserve a Hotel Room HERE

 This training will be conducted online, in a virtual classroom, a teaching and learning environment where participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations, and engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting.

Review the technology Requirements HERE
Member Tuition is $350 online $375 In Person
Curriculum is available at a discounted price of $100 for attendees
Register for the MAY Training HERE
An Evidence-Based Approach to Supervised Visitation

One of the biggest challenges facing SV programs is the scant amount of research of the impact of SV on families. Finally programs seeking financial support, donations, and grants can implement a program proven to be effective in reducing abuse and neglect in families.

What exactly is Certificate Training?

A certificate program is a non-degree granting structured learning program that is designed to meet specific and predetermined learning outcomes and for which individual achievement of intended learning outcomes is measured. It differs from a standard training program that issues a certificate of attendance. The key distinction is that certificate programs use a measurement of learner achievement (test). Like an academic degree, it does not speak to the ability to perform a specific job or career but demonstrates successful attainment of the information presented during the training.

Per credentialing industry practices, the organization issuing the certificate program (SVN) must also be the provider (SVN) of the educational program. This is an optional program and SVN members can elect to meet the SVN 24-hour training requirement independently of this program. It is worth noting that during the 3-year environmental survey conducted through the work of the credentialing committee, almost half of the members responded that there were not sufficient training opportunities in their areas. This program was developed to meet the need for training for those providers who have difficulty meeting the SVN training standards, or who may want formal recognition for attaining the certificate that is issued.

Please note that while this program was designed to meet the SVN standards, it may meet specific state and/or government requirements in your area. Each attendee is encouraged to seek counsel to verify applicability in their area.

 The SVN BluePrint Team

 When you attend one of our regional sessions, you will join a team of SV Providers and allied professionals who will discuss changes, adaptations and trends for our field leading to a formally published Position Paper designed to educate and inform courts, communities, and legislators.

The Blueprint Meetings will be one-day networking and brainstorming opportunities with a modest registration fee to cover costs.

This NOT a training, we will be facilitating the discussion with the intent to offer a concrete vision and pathway to increasing awareness of the value of supervised visitation. 

Regional BluePrint Teams will meet across the United States and Canada in the next 9-12 months