Professional Liability Insurance for SVN Members

In the past SVN has partnered with the Guterman Organization and Hiscox insurance, who had agreed to offer general and professional liability insurance specifically for SVN members providing supervised visitation and other services

Please NOTE: Hiscox is NOT currently offering Professional Liability OR General Liability

Efforts are underway to locate a new provider of professional liability.

Does your insurance specify that it is for supervised visitation?  

If you want to talk to someone, DO NOT CALL HISCOX INSURANCE , CALL OUR AGENT DAVID GUTERMAN AT 323-312-8260




Frequently Asked Questions

This program has been established with the Guterman Organization and Hiscox specially for members of SVN. If you are not currently a member, click HERE to join SVN 


For specific questions, please contact:

David A. Guterman
 Guterman Organization
tel 323-312-8260