Introducing the SVN Premium Webinar Series.  These webinars will be offered by recruiting experts who will be asked to develop their content to be relevant to the world of supervised visitation, with a small fee  charged for members to attend to offset the costs. These will NOT take the place of the SVN free webinar series, but rather, are meant to help us feature more advanced topics and experts on supervised visitation (parenting time) and adjacent professions. 


November 29, 2022, at 1 PM - 2:30 PM EST 

Title: Professional Boundaries: What to Say in the Shades of Gray
Cost: $10 Members / $25 NonMembers

People working in service, advocacy, or care professions often find themselves in situations where the lines between a professional and personal relationship become blurred. This presentation will discuss why it is necessary to set and keep professional boundaries to protect your client, yourself, the services being provided, and the profession. We will identify how to recognize boundary violations when they happen (and they will happen) and the importance of blame-free work culture. Finally, we will learn how to address boundary violations when they happen, with examples and scripts of what to say and document.

Presenter: Thea L. Rothmann, Ph.D., LP
Dr. Rothmann is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Fergus Falls, Minnesota at Strong Self Mental Health. Strong Self was formed by a group of women looking to elevate one another with balance and boundaries in their work so they can continue to do the work that they love. She has been a licensed psychologist since 2006 and worked in community mental health, veteran's affairs, hospital, crisis stabilization, and correctional settings. She works with adults and couples in all areas of their mental health with a particular focus on health issues like insomnia and chronic pain, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and depression and anxiety. She also completes psychological evaluations for evaluation of intellectual functioning, learning disability, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality functioning, diagnostic clarification, pre-surgical qualification for weight reduction and spinal cord stimulators, peace officer psychological approval, and others. She is a court-rostered Psychological Examiner in the State of Minnesota for civil commitments and other court-related psychological assessments. She completed her doctoral and master's degrees at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, specializing in severe mental illness rehabilitation and psycho-legal aspects such as guardianship, commitment, and competency. She completed her undergraduate degree at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota in Psychology and Spanish.