The Virtual Annual Conference Experience


Virtual Attendees, for technical Assistance this week, Dial (904) 419-7861 Ext 4

While we always hope that our members can join us in person each year at the SVN Annual Conference, we realize that it's just not feasible for everyone.

Thankfully we have learned so much in the past 2 years about enhancing the virtual experience, and this year we are utilizing a new platform with exciting new features.  In addition, after hosting a completely virtual event in 2020, and last year's first ever hybrid conference in 2021, we have taken all of the feedback seriously, evaluated the lessons leaned, and have implemented several new ways to integrate the in person and virtual attendees to create a genuine networking experience for all.

Here is what you can expect this year as a virtual attendee:

More Live Content- All of the plenary sessions will be broadcast live to the virtual audience. In addition, the most popular workshop in each breakout session, based on the registration preferences, will also be broadcast live.  Ask questions live during those sessions, chat with other attendees during those sessions, experience the conference as if you were there in person! Once completed the recordings of those will be uploaded to be viewed later, for up to 30 days on the conference platform

See Every Session- In addition to the live broadcasted content, all of the other workshops will be recorded and available to view during the conference and for the full 30 day period after the live conference dates, so no need to choose, or miss any conference content

Pre Conference Option- This year, virtual attendees can pay to attend the optional 3 hour pre Conference session, previously only available to the in person attendees.

Conference App/Platform The conference app works seamlessly on cell phones or tablets allowing you to connect with virtual and in person attendees. In addition, the desktop version is maximized to view the sessions and interact with speakers, sponsors, SVN staff, and other attendees. 

Virtual Meetups- There will be scheduled, virtual attendee "meetups" around various topics of discussion throughout the conference. This is a new feature that will allow you connect in ways that probably would not even happen if you were at the conference live. Don't like any of the topics?  You can create your own virtual meetup!

Engagement Awards- Those who interact and network at the highest level will earn points and ultimately prizes which will awarded to the top 3 attendees to include free admissions to SVN trainings, SVN trainings manuals, and more!

Customize Your Profile- Once you download the app you can update your profile to include photo, bio, contact info, interests, etc to encourage connections with other attendees.


Video Call/Chat- See someone on the attendee list you know or want to connect with?  You can have a direct chat or even request a private video call with them at any point during the conference.

Social Groups- You can join or form a social group on the app/platform around any topic or subject of interest

Access Everything for 30 days- All content will be recorded and available for 30 days following the conference dates.  All networking features and resources will be available and functioning for 30 days following the event. We will schedule virtual meetups and social groups during those 30 days. You can login to the platform during those 30 days and have random networking opportunities during that time.

Live Polling/Surveys- You will have several opportunities to give feedback during the event and learn more about what other attendees are doing at their programs through these features

And More- Truthfully we are still learning more about the platform each day and there are probably features we haven't figured out yet!  When we learn about them we will let you know!

 Want to sign up?  SVN Member rate is $299 for attendee, or $599 for 5.

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