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Member Meetup: Policies and Procedures When Working with Sex Offenders
Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Category: Member Meetups

From the SVN Standards:

19.0 Special Standards In Situations Involving Child Sexual Abuse And Domestic Violence
19.1 Purpose This section is intended to set forth additional conditions for the delivery of services for situations involving child sexual abuse and domestic violence.
19.2 Child Sexual Abuse
1. A provider must have written policies and procedures for the supervision of cases with allegations or findings of sexual abuse that provide for the safety of all participants using the service.
2. Any provider supervising the parent/child contact when sexual abuse has been alleged or proven must have specific training in child sexual abuse and its effect on children.
3. The contact between the visiting parent and the child must be supervised continually one-on-one so that all verbal communication is heard and all physical contact is observed. 4. If there is an allegation of sexual abuse that is under investigation, providers must not accept a referral or must suspend service unless there is a court order to the contrary or an opinion by a sexual abuse expert involved in the case.