Supportive Supervised Visitation Certificate 

In 2023, the SVN training standards were updated to include a revised definition of Supportive Supervised Visitation and new training requirements for supportive visitation.

Supportive Supervised Visitation is a term that describes parent-child/contact that is overseen by a third party.  The primary focus of supportive visitation includes the protection and safety of the participants and includes active interventions that encourage consistent parent/child contact that may lead to improving the parent/child relationship.  Supportive supervision may also be referred to as “facilitated visitation” or “directed visitation”


Why Supportive Supervised Visitation? SVN Members have shared with us an interest in doing more than simple “fly on the Wall” observation.  They want to do more to impact the lives of the families we serve, without violating SVN standards of neutrality.

This *NEW* training has been created to meet those new standards. Supportive Supervised Visitation is an alternative to curriculum-based educational supervised visitation like the Nurturing Parenting Parenting Skills for SV. 

Unleash the power of Supportive Supervised Visitation with our interactive training, designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this vital field. By the course's conclusion, participants will not only meet the SVN Supportive Supervised Visitation training standard but will also master the art of implementing active interventions that nurture enduring parent/child relationships.

What is a certificate training? 

This training meets SVN Stanard 12.6 for Supportive Supervised Visitation: 

12.6 Training for Supportive Supervision
In addition to the SVN 24-hour training standard, a visit supervisor providing supportive visitation must complete additional training on the following topics:

  • Child Development
  • Trauma-informed interventions to promote (change;) positive visits.
  • Parenting skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Behaviors that facilitate positive attachment, separation, and reconnection

    Upcoming Training Dates: 



When:  August 27-28, 2024 
Where:  Virtual 
Time: 11 AM EST - 5 PM EST 
Cost:  $350 for SVN Members  ($450 for Non-Members)
LIMITED Enrollment to ensure Engagement 

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