Standards For Supervised Visitation Practice

4.0 Administrative Functions

4.1 Purpose

This section is intended to define the parameters for maintaining financial records, personnel policies, and client records.

4.2 Financial Management

A provider must maintain financial records and follow generally accepted accounting principles. Financial records must be retained for the period required by local law.

4.3 Personnel Policies

A provider with employees or volunteers must have written personnel policies and maintain personnel records.

4.4 Client Records

A provider must keep client records in accordance with section 7.0 of this document. The collection and reporting of data based on client records must not compromise client confidentiality.

4.5 Case Review

Internal case review

A provider must review the status of all open cases, both active and inactive, to monitor client compliance with the service, program preparation for court review dates, if any, and follow up on outstanding issues.

Review by the court or referring agency

Subject to each jurisdiction, providers must work with the court or referring agency to have written policies and procedures for case review to consider the status of the case, any needed changes to the court order, or whether participation in the service will continue or terminate. Resource information about how to access court services must be made available to clients.