Standards For Supervised Visitation Practice

18.0 Termination Of Services

18.1 Purpose

This section sets forth the procedural parameters for termination of supervised visitation services.

18.2 Reasons for Termination

A provider must have written policies and procedures that set forth the reasons for which services may be terminated, including, but not limited to:

  1. Safety concerns or other case issues that cannot be effectively managed by the provider;
  2. Excessive demand on the provider's resources;
  3. The parent's failure to comply with the conditions or rules for participation in the program;
  4. Nonpayment of program fees; and
  5. Threat of or actual violence or abuse.

18.3 Refusal of Child to Visit

  1. A provider must have written policies and procedures for situations in which a child refuses to participate in parent/child visits.
  2. If a child refuses to visit with the noncustodial party in such a way or for such a period of time that it raises concerns that continuation of services may be detrimental to the child's safety and emotional well- being, then a provider must suspend services pending resolution of the issue.

18.4 Procedures for Termination of Services

When a provider terminates services, the provider must:

  1. Inform each parent in writing of the reason for termination of services;
  2. Provide written notice to the court and/or referring source stating the reason for the termination; and
  3. Document the termination and reasons for termination in the case file.