Standards For Supervised Visitation Practice

5.0 Program Operations

5.1 Purpose

This section is intended to set forth basic operating requirements for providers.

5.2 Resources and Functions

A provider must offer only those services and serve only the number of clients for which they have adequate financial and personnel resources.

5.3 Program Policies and Procedures

Providers must have written rules and policies governing service delivery.

5.4 Premises

For on-site supervised visitation services, the physical layout of the premises must be designed to protect the safety and security of participants.

5.5 Accessibility

A provider must have policies and procedures about accessibility to supervised visitation services in terms of geographic location, transportation, hours of operation, American Disabilities Act and its equivalent legislation in the international jurisdiction, and sensitivity to the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic needs of the community.

5.6 Insurance

A provider must obtain and maintain insurance coverage that is appropriate to their business operations and the nature of the work and services provided.